Ultraviolet Sterilizers
As distributors of Daro UV Systems Ltd., we can supply and install any size of UV system required and can assist with specifying the right size of unit for your needs. If a Daro unit is not suitable we have access to numerous other manufacturers too.

About Our Ultraviolet Sterilizer Services

We have the skills and training to replace UV Arc tubes and quartz sleeves, on any UV system you may already have. All expired UV Arc tubes, will be removed from site and be disposed of safely, in accordance with the current government environmental guidelines.

A UV lamp should be changed every year, as the wavelength diminishes over time, becoming ineffective.

Ideally every two years minimum the quartz sleeve should also be replaced as this can become cloudy or scratched which also can cause a reduction of the UV intensity.



WRAS approved products available


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In a frequently changing marketplace, we endeavour to offer the most cost effective solutions.

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We are constantly adding products to our online shop, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please give a call on 01189 342290 or email sales@purifiedwaterservices.co.uk