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Clack WS1 1″ TT with Digital Meter Controller

Duplex water softeners consist of two vessels filled with softening resin and one brine tank, which is used to regenerate

Installation Kits for Cabinet Softeners

Full Flow Installation kit 3/4″ Suitable for installation of most water softeners Contains 1 x pair of hoses, 1 x

Mistral Clack Range (small to large houses)

Mistral Clack Range (small to large houses) A compact dove grey cabinet in a range of sizes. Uses the Clack

Simplex Clack (Metered) Water Softener

Metered water softeners use a meter which measures the water used and calculates when the softener needs to regenerate.

Swan Range (For larger houses, B&B`s, Offices)

These are larger water softeners ideal for B&Bs, pubs and offices. They contains up to 35 litres of resin allowing