We work closely with two of the leading UK humidification supply companies and have a wealth of experience on how these systems should be working.

If you have a large catering set up, or environmental humidification systems for your office the chances are you will have RO systems, water softeners, and UV systems installed before some of the equipment.

You may think there is not much call for purifying water in a commercial environment but we find there are a variety of systems in use.

Many kitchens now have dish washing equipment and steam ovens, which require various pre-treatments, to help them work more efficiently and last longer.

Ovens often utilise calcium treatment units to remove scale. Washers sometimes have RO systems to bring an extra shine to the dishes and remove the need to be dried by hand as the water leaves no residue.

Humidification of server rooms in commercial buildings is becoming more widespread, as it reduces the failure of electronic components.

As the water used to humidify an area is in vapour form, RO systems with UV are used to ensure that the environments are safe for people to work in.

To ensure the cleanliness of these systems they should be serviced and maintained on a regular basis.