Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium minerals that can cause harmful limescale build up.

uv scale

Limescale build up on UV Quartz Sleeve

Below are the most common types of softeners found in use:

Simplex (Single Vessel) systems are usually used in homes and premises that can allow regeneration overnight when there is a reduced or no demand for water.

Duplex (Dual Vessel) systems are more commonly used to feed reverse osmosis systems or used where a constant supply of soft water is required in a premises.

With the duplex system, one of the two vessels is always in service while the other regenerates or is waiting to switch over.

Purified Water Services can supply any size of softener to suit any application. We can also supply and fit service kits and can diagnose and repair problems.

Fleck softener range.

Siata softener range.

As a guide to how hard the water might be in your area please take a look at our UK water hardness map.


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