Reverse Osmosis Units

Here at PWS Ltd we are very pleased to offer a full range of Reverse Osmosis (RO) units, which we have selected for their excellent build quality and functionality.

Small/Mini RO systems

Designed for or a smaller demand of Reverse Osmosis water 100 – 200 Litres/Hour

Osmeo4 Sweet



Specification sheets

PWS Osmeo Mini

PWS Osmeo Sweet



Standard RO units (4″ Diameter membranes)

These types of Reverse Osmosis unit are the most commonly found in use throughout all types of industries with flow rates from 300 – 4500 Litres/Hour

Osmeo4 Easy1


Specification sheets

PWS Osmeo Easy 4 300-1200

PWS Osmeo Easy 4 1500-2400

PWS Osmeo Easy 4 1800-4500



Standard RO units (8″ Diameter membranes)

Similar to the 4″ diameter membrane units above but with 8″ membranes offering far greater flows from 10,000-35,000 Litres/Hour

Osmeo8 Elite1


Specification sheets

PWS Osmeo Elite 8 3000-10000

PWS Osmeo Elite 8 12000-20000

PWS Osmeo Elite 8 25000-35000



Twin Pass RO units

For when you need a much higher quality water, than from standard membrane technology, these units are designed to pass water through two independent sets of membranes to give excellent results.



Specification sheets

PWS BiOsmeo Sweet 4 50-200

PWS BiOsmeo Elite 4 200-1000

PWS BiOsmeo Elite 4 1400-2800



Combi Units

We can offer all in one solutions, with all the pre-treatment normally required before an RO system, mounted all on one chassis, making the systems more compact.


Osmose Mix Easy 1


Specification sheets

PWS Osmeo Mix 4 300-1200

PWS Osmeo Mix 4 1500-2400




Counter Pressure Units

These units are often used for humidification purposes and have an expansion vessel fitted to store the good quality water and keep the system closed.

Osmose Mix


Specification sheet

PWS Osmeo Mix CP 100-200





Electrodeionization Units (EDI)

Often used for pharmaceutical applications these units use the latest technology to provide a constant good quality water, often using both RO membranes and EDI cells.



Specification sheets






At some point in an RO systems life, it may be required to chemically clean the membranes, to do this we can also offer a mobile cleaning rig which can be connected to your RO system.

PWS C.I.P. mobile system (Cleaning In Place)


We don`t only supply our own range of units but can also source other types, from other manufacturers, if you cannot find a unit that suits your needs. Many of our units can be modified for a specific purpose if required, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements.


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