In addition to the many water treatment services listed below we offer free quotations. We can also offer advice and consultancy if required.

Take advantage and use us as your ‘one-stop-shop’, let us take care of your consumables, chemicals, spare parts and equipment requirements.

We can organise and pre arrange regular visits to site, and should you need us in a rush we will endeavour to meet that need for you too!



Our well trained and experienced engineers will not only change your pre-filters and clean the housings, but also carry out checks on the raw water feed and advise of any anomalies found the best course of action to take it required.

Water filters - pre-filtration water treatment services     Water filters - Pre-filtration water treatment services


We service a wide range of water softeners as our engineers have many years’ experience working on a variety of valves and control systems including; market leaders Fleck, Siata and Autotrol and Clack.

On a contract visit we will periodically strip down the valves and inspect for any adverse wear and tear of the moving parts and report any repairs required, or that may be needed in the future.

We have the ability to carry out a media clean or a resin exchange if the media has expired through age or damage, and we remove the old media from site which is an added benefit not always offered.


Reverse Osmosis (RO)

We offer a wide range of services for your Reverse Osmosis systems. Our engineers have gained many years of experience and training from working with major water purification equipment manufacturers. We will check the operating performance against the manufacturers published product performance data, inspect and check its functions and operations and if needed carry out a chemical clean. If the system is beyond recovery by cleaning we will advise of the costs to replace the membranes. We can then provide and change them if required.

RO membrane - Reverse Osmosis water treatment services


Laboratory Purifiers

We are able to supply and service bench top laboratory systems and carry out routine maintenance, repairs and calibration. Our engineers have received manufacturer training from some of the leading water purification companies. Purified Water Services work closely with one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of laboratory water purifiers and we can supply a complete range of purifiers to suit all applications and all types of water. PWS can also service and repair most leading brands and supply consumables at competitive prices.

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Exchange Cylinders

We have the capability to supply Exchange Cylinders, available in a range of sizes and media types, including activated carbon, organic reduction media and mixed bed ion exchange. If required, and as part of a service contract, our engineers will bring the new cylinder with them and remove the expired vessel on the same day, removing the need to add carriage in the price and making it more cost effective and convenient for you as well as helping the environment.

cylinders - water treatment services



Ultra Violet Sterilizers

As distributors of Daro UV systems Ltd. we can supply and install any size of UV system required and can assist with specifying the right size of unit for your needs. If a Daro unit is not suitable we have access to numerous other manufacturers too. We also have the skills and training to replace UV Arc tubes and quartz sleeves, on any UV system you may already have and all expired UV Arc tubes, will be removed from site and be disposed of safely, in accordance with the current government environmental guidelines.

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uv   UV Lamp

Water Testing

We use an Independent UKAS accredited laboratory for all our high quality analytical work and all results (good or bad) will be forwarded to you and advice given if required.



We realise space is often at a premium in most organisations so our engineers, if required, will gladly bring all consumables needed for a planned service visit with them saving you the need to store boxes of filters etc. for a long period of time, removing the risk of damage and loss.



Our standard breakdown response for contract customers is 48 hours, however in practice we attend same day or next and have a first fix rate of 99.9% as our engineers always try and carry as many parts as possible in our vans, even if we don’t have a part, if we can obtain the item locally we will and return and fit to save extra charges.

All our contract customers also receive FREE 24/7 phone support to one of our engineers and not a call centre, if we can help fix a problem or get your system running until we can attend over the phone, we will.


PWS can provide you with a ‘one-stop-shop’ to satisfy all your needs. We aim to be as cost effective as possible in these current hard times and will endeavour to pass on any savings made when buying filters, spares, consumable parts to our customers.



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