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As well as water softeners and reverse osmosis units, Purified Water Services also offer a range of other water treatment products including:


Exchange Cylinders

Pre and post-treatment cylinders are often incorporated into centralised water purification systems or used in conjunction with Reverse Osmosis or Deionisation equipment. They are filled with a purification media that is either disposable or exchangeable and they will efficiently remove a wide range of impurities from both raw and deionised water supplies. Purified Water Services can supply a wide range of cylinders utilising Activated Carbon, Standard Deionisation Resin and Nuclear Grade Resin. We can also supply and replace media for fixed water treatment systems.

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Water Filter Products

Filtration is commonly the mechanical or physical operation which is used for the separation of solids from fluids (liquids or gases) by interposing a medium through which only fluid can pass. Purified Water Services can provide filters to suit almost any application. We can advise on the best type of filters to use and supply them at very competitive prices.


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Calcium Treatment Units

Many commercial ovens, drinks and ice machines now require a softened water feed and rely upon Calcium Treatment Units (C.T.U.) to be fitted on the feed water pipe to them. These units are much like Exchange Cylinders and need to be replaced on a regular basis as the media expires. P.W.S. offer a full range of C.T.U.`s and can advise on the best size and frequency of replacement for your needs. We can also exchange and remove the expired units for you in one visit to save having them getting in the way while waiting to be collected.


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