As with Industrial water treatment systems these are normally critical to the operation of a hospital and any downtime can result in difficulties so we always ensure we work as efficiently as possible and often `out of hours` to reduce any delays.

Our engineers have many years experience installing and maintaining equipment to comply with CFPP01-06 (HTM01-06) and CFPP01-01 (HTM01-01) guidelines.



We understand that normally a treated water system is critical to the output of our clients processes, so no matter how big or small the setup we will always try and reduce any downtime and keep the system running at its optimum performance and if there are any issues we will always strive to offer the most cost effective and professional solution.

If a new system is required, either as a replacement or a new installation we can help with every step of the selection, to ensure you get the equipment that will do the job.



We know there are a multitude of different types of system used in a laboratory but we have had in house training from some of the top manufacturers and can supply new systems or consumable spares, maintain and repair almost any water treatment system found in a lab environment and as with any system we supply we will always look for the most suitable product for your needs.



If you have a large catering set up, or environmental humidification systems for your office the chances are you will have RO systems, water softeners, and UV systems installed before some of the equipment. We already look after many washer tunnel and commercial oven equipment pre-treatment and work closely with two of the leading UK humidification supply companies and have a wealth of experience on how these systems should be working.





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