PWS Ltd can design and maintain borehole water treatment systems.

If you use a private well or `Borehole` for human consumption, then the water will need to comply to the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009.pwsboreholediag borehole water treatment systems in Berkshire

From years of installing and maintaining these types of systems, we know that no borehole is the same as another and each has their own attributes and issues.

PWS Ltd can sample your water and have it analysed at independent UKAS accredited laboratories or if you have had the water tested independently, we can then recommend the best equipment to remove any contaminants or issues raised by the results, along with the most suitable and cost effective maintenance required to keep your supply wholesome.

As well as the standard ranges of water softeners, filtration systems, UV and reverse osmosis systems we supply, we also have borehole specific products.

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